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Holy Fire Reiki Healing Experience (Journey)

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Curious about Reiki and the Holy Fire?  Do you have something that needs to be healed, but you can't quite get to it?  Want to experience Reiki first hand before taking the course?  The Holy Fire Reiki healing experience is an online group healing journey, where participants are guided in a meditation and taken by the Holy Fire higher consciousness to the place where the Reiki is needed most.  These journeys can facilitate healing on a VERY deep level, in many dimensions, and are extremely cleansing. Experiences are different for each individual, so all you need is an open mind and your presence...the Holy Fire will take care of the rest.  

For either experience, you will need to be in a comfortable, relaxing space where you won't be disturbed. Each participant will spend some time after the meditation journaling their experiences, and then sharing if they choose. Make sure to have paper and pen handy. The session is done live on Zoom.

The Holy Love 1 Experience:
This healing experience will cradle you in a warm embrace and show you where you need YOUR love most.  Divine Love is installed more clearly and deeply into one's soul. It is a special kind of love that is more highly refined and has a higher level of consciousness than human love. It is simultaneously many things: It is a feeling of being loved by a kind and wonderful energy, it is a feeling of being cared for by an energy that knows you intimately and is fully capable of taking care of all your needs. It is a felling of being safe. It is a healing and enhancement of your own ability to love so that there are no unhealthy feelings associated with it. It is an energy similar to life energy that flows throughout your body and your entire being, and is part of who you are.  It can be present in your space without having to have someone or something as its focus.  It soothes, relaxes, nurtures and heals very deeply. 


Holy Love 2 Experience:

In this experience, the Divine Holy love (as described above) scans your timeline in this life to find an experience that needs healing and is important in helping you move forward on your spiritual path.  It then works with the aspects and energies involved to heal the issue.  


Learn to Read Cards! 

Intuitive Card/Energy reading Online Workshop


Click the link below for the next available date!
Class offered by donation.

Hone your psychic senses by learning to intuitively read Oracle and Tarot cards.  We will focus on the 6 intuitive senses that we receive messages through as we "read", or sense, the energy present in the reading. We will learn about the way we experience these intuitive senses and the way Spirit/Source communicates with us through them.  Reading the energy in cards is such an amazing divination tool for your growth, whether you plan to read for others or not!


NOTE: It is not necessary to have your own deck for this workshop, though it will be beneficial to you to purchase one for yourself moving forward.  We will discuss types of decks and how to choose an appropriate one for you.  

"I participated in the first course and all I can say is....amazing!! Karen is a wonderful mentor and guide. The energy was magical and the tarot instruction intuitively guided. I highly recommend checking it out if you are called to do so ❤🌠🕉☯️⚛😇"- Lisa Curley

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