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What is Reiki?

Reiki is life energy that is guided by higher consciousness.  Reiki enhances your natural connection to the heart of the Source of Love so you easily feel and trust in the love that is always present for you.  It improves your ability to listen to the wisdom of your heart's knowing. Reiki turns up the volume for intuitive guidance so you more easily know best decisions for your life. It provides a gentle peaceful feeling of coming home. It feels familiar and safe because you're tuning into the part of you that knows your true nature as perfect--just as you are. Holy Fire® III Reiki is wonderful for healing authentic self expression so self-acceptance and self-love feels more natural and easy. 

Once you step onto the Reiki path, the healing continues and is carried with you throughout your life. As you invite and welcome the loving energy, it reveals a deep healing on all levels, developing an unshakable inner peace. You begin to use reiki every time you have an ache or pain and build a relationship of trust in it's effectiveness to promote healing and to ease pain, discomfort, stress, anxiety and more. Reiki enhances all medical and psychological treatments. When you share Reiki with others the connection with this healing energy improves. Your compassionate heart opens more to the pure channel of the sacred healing energy.

Holy fire Reiki is like a form of first aid in your hands that will never leave you.  Energy will flow through your hands whenever you touch with intent.

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